Longing For Fall

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We don't get Fall here in the desert.

It's October already. There should be leaves changing color. I should need to put on a sweater to go outside. There should be bushels of apples for sale at the farmers market.

We get none of these things here. There aren't any trees, and the cactus don't change color. Today, the chilly low was 73 degrees, with a nippy high of 95. Brrrrrrr. And if we did have a farmers market (we don't, sadly) there sure as heck wouldn't be any apples there.

But I am ready for Fall! I must have printed 20 pumpkin recipes in the last week. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes. I'm hoping to make at least one of these this weekend.

God forbid, I've even started to plan my Christmas baking! At least it gets down into the sixties here at Christmastime, so the baking doesn't heat up the house so much!

I never thought I'd say I miss Montana in the wintertime, but I do. I miss a crackling fire in the wood stove. The smell of good things in the oven. Having to shake the snow off your shoes before you come in the house. Okay, I really don't miss the snow. But I do miss the seasons. We have two seasons here in the desert...hot and windy, and lukewarm and windy. Hardly the kind of weather that encourages the baking of pumpkin bread.

But I'm gonna bake it anyway. To heck with the desert...bring on the holidays!



mom said...

It was fall here until yesterday! Great time to cook.

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