You're Killing Me Smalls!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

For those of you that haven't seen "The Sandlot", the title of this post means nothing to you. If you're a fan of the movie, I'd be willing to bet that those words have passed through your lips at least once.

Now, the name Smalls has a new meaning in our house.

Meet Summer's Christmas presents:

Otherwise known as cat toys for Smoky and Spooky.

This is Smalls.

This is her buddy, Squints. Yep, named from the movie as well.

They are very sweet. Although they do cause more than one friend or family member to shudder with disgust.

It's beginning to look like Noah's Ark around here. Two cats. Two Turtles. Two Rats. Of course, it would have to be a GAY Noah's Ark, since they're all the same sex. But's the 21st century!


Lettuce Wraps

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have ordered lettuce wraps in restaurants before, but for some reason I had never made them at home. They have now been put on the "favorite" list and some version will be made often.

I happened to have several chicken breasts that had been grilled on the Foreman, just hanging out in the refrigerator looking for something to do.

So I sliced the chicken very thin...

Julienned some red bell peppers...

Added some sliced garlic. Minced garlic is for...lightweights!

Seasoned with some Hoisin Sauce and some Newmans Sesame Ginger Dressing
(which is fabulous on a Chinese Chicken Salad!)

Sauteed it all up together...just long enough to warm the chicken.

The peppers should al dente, not mushy.

Pulled some nice "cup" shaped leaves off the lettuce. I used butter lettuce, but iceberg or green leaf would work just as well.

Just place the cooked mixture in your lettuce leaf,and eat like a taco. Delish!

Now, cooking for my family has never been an easy chore. The children are picky...I mean PICKY! But now, Stormy has decided she is a vegetarian. So Storm wouldn't eat the lettuce wraps because they had meat in them; and Shelby wouldn't eat them because they had vegetables in them.

How much longer until they go away to college and have to feed themselves?


"Thank God For Top Ramen"


Holiday Traditions

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I grew up in a family steeped in tradition. And I loved it. I have so many wonderful memories, especially of holidays.

There was always the first Strawberry Shortcake of the year on April grandfathers birthday. We still have Strawberry Shortcake on April 13th...for Shelby's birthday. Although Shelby won't eat it, because strawberries are fruit, and fruit might be good for you. But the rest of us eat enough for her.

I remember many, many games of "Clue" after holiday dinners. My mom always got to be Miss Scarlet. I wanted to be Miss Scarlett so bad. My Grandmother was Mrs. White, and Grandpa was always Colonel Mustard. It was tradition!

Professor Peacock, in the Library, with the candlestick. Oh how I loved that game.

And at Christmas time, my grandparents always had two bowls on the table. One full of ribbon candy, and one full of nuts.

This is on my counter this holiday season. Thanks for the cool basket Mom!

Another long standing tradition, for many families including mine, is the baking of holiday treats to give to family and friends. While I participate in this annual tradition, I'd like to know who started this sadistic trend. Why on earth do we spend hours upon hours baking cookies to then package up and give away, only to receive a different assortment from others with the same goal? Rather then spend precious holiday time baking hundreds of cookies to give away, then receive hundreds back, why not just bake cookies for your own family?

These are the thoughts that keep me awake at night, tossing and turning with thoughts of sugar, flour and butter. What if I forget to give cookies to someone, then receive them from that person and feel guilty that I missed them? Ahhhh, the joy of the holidays.

Regardless, I continue with the frenzy of holiday baking and delivering pretty wrapped boxes of treats.

Here is part of this years donations:

I at least hope my treats are well received. And we definitely partake of all the goodies bestowed upon us.

Happy Holidays!


Santa Must Be Coming!

Monday we went Christmas shopping in Las Vegas.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear?


Snow in Vegas!

This must mean it's Christmas time!

And Santa will soon be here!

This morning, it was raining at home. Cold and raining. Shelby says "I hate the rain." I mentioned to Shel that it rains here an average of 3 days a year. I also wondered out loud how she was going to survive college in Flagstaff, where they actually get weather. I guess I'll be buying her a parka for graduation!


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