Lettuce Wraps

Friday, December 19, 2008

I have ordered lettuce wraps in restaurants before, but for some reason I had never made them at home. They have now been put on the "favorite" list and some version will be made often.

I happened to have several chicken breasts that had been grilled on the Foreman, just hanging out in the refrigerator looking for something to do.

So I sliced the chicken very thin...

Julienned some red bell peppers...

Added some sliced garlic. Minced garlic is for...lightweights!

Seasoned with some Hoisin Sauce and some Newmans Sesame Ginger Dressing
(which is fabulous on a Chinese Chicken Salad!)

Sauteed it all up together...just long enough to warm the chicken.

The peppers should al dente, not mushy.

Pulled some nice "cup" shaped leaves off the lettuce. I used butter lettuce, but iceberg or green leaf would work just as well.

Just place the cooked mixture in your lettuce leaf,and eat like a taco. Delish!

Now, cooking for my family has never been an easy chore. The children are picky...I mean PICKY! But now, Stormy has decided she is a vegetarian. So Storm wouldn't eat the lettuce wraps because they had meat in them; and Shelby wouldn't eat them because they had vegetables in them.

How much longer until they go away to college and have to feed themselves?


"Thank God For Top Ramen"



mom said...

They won't starve, but they won't eat nutrious meals. Will they get the freshmen 15?

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