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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hi, my name is Christine. I used to blog here. Then my lovely daughter borrowed my camera on a hiking trip and DROPPED it. I didn't replace it at the time, quite frankly because I was ticked off. And I felt that blogging about my cooking without posting pictures was kinda...lame.

But I wanted to list some items on EBay this weekend, and needed pictures to post. So I finally broke down and bought a new camera. But Shhhh, I didn't tell the girls about it!

So the lovely silverware is posted on EBay. And I'm back on my blog. I've missed you. Seriously, I have. So much so that you may notice a "Follow me on Twitter" link on the left sidebar of my blog. I really don't know much about Twitter, but we are using it at work, so I figured I should probably figure this stuff out. I promise not to post inane Tweets about my boring daily life. Okay, truth be told, most of my Tweets will probably be inane. It's hard to post thrilling Twitter updates when your life is inane.

To prove my last sentence, I actually looked up the definition of inane:

1. silly – irritatingly silly or time-wasting
2. insubstantial – empty, insubstantial or void

Yup, I used the word correctly.

I already have my first recipe to will follow shortly. You can thank Paula Deen.



barb said...

Trying again to comment

barb said...

I made it!

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