Ahhhhh, Vegas

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We arrived in Vegas Tuesday night around 8:00 pm. Checked into the room, and my oh my we were upgraded to a suite. It was lovely.

Since the room came with two free buffets, and Jimmy couldn't eat anything after 6:00 pm, Summer and I took advantage, full advantage, of the free buffets. I wasn't too hungry, so I had very little dinner so as to save room for dessert. Raspberry cheesecake. Chocolate cups filled with chocolate mousse and Oreo cookies! Individual lemon tarts. And Summer got a freshly made cotton candy to go. It was heavenly. It was almost as much fun as watching Summer eat the crawfish!

Me: "Have you had those before?"

Summer: "Yeah, at Haley's BBQ."

Me: "Do you know how to eat them?"

Summer: "Yep, you rip off the heads, suck out the juice and eat the meat."

That's my girl! Gotta love a 10 year old that's not afraid to try things. She loves food as much as I do, which is going to be her downfall.

This picture is for Karri. It's from Margaritaville. What a fun store!

This is the view from our room on the 31st floor.

Jimmy is doing well after his surgery. He's going to drive today, and walk around a store or two for some exercise. I'll keep you posted.




mom said...

Great suite! Should have stayed longer.
Email from Jane. She is in Canada with the 3 girls, but wanted to let me know she got my note about your blog. Maybe she'll check it out when she gets home.
Good for Jimmy!
Love, mom

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