Friday, August 15, 2008

So, I'm a little slow to get into this daily blogging thing. Pioneer Woman I'm not. In my defense, I recently moved into a new house, and have been trying to get it unpacked and organized.

This is the before of my new dining room...

And this is the after.....

See that centerpiece on the table....

It's kitchy, totally 70's, and one of my favorite things. It was my grandmothers, and sat on HER dining room table as long as I can remember. My children think it's SOOOO not cool, but I wouldn't trade it for a thing.

This hutch was my grandmother's too, and she gave me all that fiesta ware (that I love but won't actually let anyone eat off of). All that tequila on the top...that's one of my favorite things too.

Speaking of favorite things:

Considering I think of myself as young at heart, and hip, I sure seem to surround myself from things that remind me of 50-100 years ago. I must be an old soul.
Thanks for reading. I promise I'll be back tomorrow, and we'll chat about Personal Cheffing.


mom said...

You have displayed some of our favorite things! Keep up the good work, honey. I check your blog every day.


chef john said...

I love your blog.It looks neat.I will forward some of my info sheets that I pass out to my students at school.(how do i insert these on this blog?

chef john said...

Hi Kid
When you get time please post your moms beef stroganoff recipeIts still the best that I have ever eatin.

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