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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Did you know that Arizona State public schools rank 50th out of 50? It's true! Let me give you just a little taste of our education system hard at work.

Below is an actual conversation I had with Stormy last night. I did NOT take creative license...this is exactly how the conversation went. She was reading a book, and I wasn't doing much of anything.

Storm: "Is Florence in Italy?"

Me: "Uh huh"

Storm: "Is Italy in France?"

Me: "Huh? No!"

Storm: "Is France in Italy?"

Me: "No Baby. They are two separate countries. Like Canada and the US."

Storm: "I didn't know France was a country!"

I swear to God, that is verbatim what she said. And these girls are going away to top rated Universities in the fall? You know what this means don't you? It means they are going to flunk out first semester and have to COME HOME!

Quick! Does anybody out there have some good homeschooling books? What are the chances I can catch them up in the next 6 months?

Help me!


mom said...

I can't believe this! Stormy is a very smart girl.

Go to PW's homeschooling site. If her recomendations are too young, you might at least find some links to other sites.

Scary, huh?

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