New Years Resolutions

Monday, January 5, 2009

All told, I'm not a big fan of New Years Resolutions. Oh sure, I've made my share of them in the past. All the standard ones: lose weight, save money, volunteer more, etc. Most of those failed early on in the year. A few years ago, I decided to make a resolution that would be easier to keep. I resolved to accessorize more. And I did pretty good on that one...wore earrings almost every day. But alas, that one eventually fell by the wayside as well.

This year, while there are plenty of lifestyle changes I would like to make, I had no intention of making a New Years Resolution. I had plenty of things I wanted to change without the added pressure of failing. Considering Stormy's new vow to be a vegetarian, I wanted to focus our meals, and my cooking style, on a more healthful, and more vegetarian way of thinking. And I'm making good progress with that. Yesterdays culinary contributions included a vegan black bean soup, vegan white bean dip, whole wheat pita chips, and a plethora of fresh vegetables and "soy" products from the grocery store. Of course, there is a vast difference between me preparing vegetarian meals and my children eating them!

Another change I wanted to make was to actually use the complete gym that fills my garage. Oh, it's a beautiful gym too! Any and all equipment you could want for a complete work out experience. Treadmill, weight machines, free weights, exercise balls, even a carpeted floor. We've had it two years. Until 3 days ago, I had never used it. Ever.

Saturday, I decided it was time. And this is what led to me making a damn New Years Resolution. But I understand the limits, not only of my body, but the limits to my available time. And most importantly, I understand the limits of my commitment level. It borders on non-existent.

So I realize that I'll never have 6-pack abs. Who needs 'em? I know, without a doubt, that jiggle proof thighs are not in my future...and I'm okay with that.

But there is one thing I desperately want, and I honestly believe could be in my future. And based on an article posted on the doors of the women's restrooms here at work, people who share their resolutions are 12% more likely to succeed...So, here is my New Years Resolution.

I want Rock Star Arms. You know the ones. When you watch the actresses at the award shows walk down the aisle in a strapless gown, they have beautiful arms. Not bulky, but still muscular. And they don't have that "back fat" that lumps up over their bra straps in the back. When they wave to the crowd, their arms don't keep waving long after they are done. That's what I want!

Which is exactly why I have spent the last 3 days, including 5:15 am this morning, in my gym. Which is exactly why I spent hours at the computer burning CD's of music that I hoped would keep me motivated in the gym. Which is exactly why I cannot even pick up a pencil today.

So I have shared my resolution. Based on the earlier mentioned article, I now have a 12% chance of meeting my goals!

I hope none of you were silly enough to make a New Years Resolution. But if you did, feel free to share it with me, and up your odds of success!

Happy New Year!


mom said...

Haven't made one in years. I'm such a failure.

Heading to Missoula today. Buy a workout video? Huh.

good luck with the arms.

Hows the vegan thing going with the girls? Sounded good to eat.

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