Meet Frank!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is Frank.

Frank is a new (hopefully temporary) addition to our household.
Because of his squished up little face, he snorts when you pet him. I already like him!

Frank is a Himalayan Persian. Frank is a rescue...he was being seriously neglected in his previous home. I received a pitiful cry for help from his previous, previous (10 year old) owner to "Please Save Frank". How do you say no to that?

Smokey says it should have been real easy to say no. He's giving me the cold shoulder now.

Remember "Wild Kingdom"? I have decided that Summer is Marlon Perkins, and I am Jim. She gets to do all the cool narrative, and I end up wrestling the alligator. Figuratively speaking, of course.




mom said...

Why Frank? Why temporary? No animal in your house is temporary!

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