Northern Arizona University

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, the girls and I took a road trip to Flagstaff to check out the NAU campus.

Shelby's boyfriend went with us. His brother attends NAU, and lives in the dorms, so we were able to get a great tour of the campus. We were able to see several of the dorms, the fitness center, the dining facilities, and most of the campus.

This is Shelby, and her very tall boyfriend Josh.

Here is Stormy in one of the food courts, adjacent to the cafeteria. They have better food choices on campus than my entire town!

It's a beautiful campus...except for the SNOW!

Are those icicles? Brrrrr...

Here is where Shelby will be spending most of her time...

Here is the Skydome, where all the sporting events are held. Notice the Lumberjack.

I still can't get over the fact that they will be Lumberjacks!

All in all, it was a day well spent. We even managed to find the mall in town, which could have been the deal breaker for Stormy. Fortunately, it passed muster. The town of Flagstaff is adorable, and has everything they will need. Including a Grey Hound bus station.




mom said...

Looks like a really pretty campus. Shelby better give up her flip flops!

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